Kim was diagnosed with AML Leukemia on July 22, 2009, just after she finished high school. She'd been feeling well, just showing a few bruises when she went to Primary Childrens Medical Center for a heart surgery to fix a relatively minor condition she's had since she was born. A blood test before the surgery showed that her blood had been completely taken over by the cancer. They admitted her that day and began treatment right away. She went through five long rounds of chemotherapy, doing relatively well, with the exception of one infection that led to a very scary stay in the Pediatric ICU. She spent almost all of that time in the hospital, with just a few breaks to go home. By the end of March 2010 she was allowed to go home for good- officially in remission! She was so excited to finally go to USU Fall semester, and got strait A's in all of her classes! Psychology, Humanities, Family Finance and ANATOMY. Not a week after finals, at a regular check up at PCMC, her blood tests showed that her cancer was back. And thus began round two- Kim's goal was to make it to a bone marrow transplant. We had found a donor, so all that was left was to get her in remission once more. After three rounds of chemotherapy, her body was no longer strong enough to keep fighting, no matter that her spirit was. She will always be with us. 7:48 pm, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday's Surgery

Just wanted to let you all know that Kim's operation yesterday went very well, and she is now officially no longer "part robot" as she liked to say. (Or, "powered like Iron Man": non-human devices coming out of her chest. Anyway...)
Her central line was removed, and all went well. The area is a little sore, but within a few days she will be able to take off the bandage, and in two weeks- hot tubs, here we come!

It's so wonderful that she is finally well enough to have come to this point. She still, of course, has quite a ways to go (we don't even know when we will be able to schedule the heart surgery, though we hope it will be soon) but it's so wonderful how much progress she has been making. It's a little strange to think that she really is finally over it all. Cancer free. Yay!

And, once again, if you want to come celebrate with us, the first event we're planning on is the Relay for Life at USU this Friday night. Come to the Nelson Field House around 6 pm, and stay as long as you like! (We'll be there all night!)

Thanks everyone! We love you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Test Results and Relay Rank

This is a picture of Kim, wearing one of our fun wigs and a dress that mom made and wore when she was first married to dad. She gave it to our aunt, Dianna, who also wore it quite a bit, and then passed it back to me when I was old enough to wear it.

We got the Bone Marrow Test results today: 100% clear! I knew she would be, but it's so wonderful to have it official! This was the last one she'll have to do (I think- for a long time, anyway,) and this means that she gets her IV line taken out on Tuesday! Hot Tub party, here we come! (And Kim says, "hastle-free shower, here I come! She's going to love not having to worry about keeping it from getting wet ever again!)

Also, great news about our Relay for Life team! We are currently ranked #5 of all the teams registered in fund raising! Isn't that amazing? For such a disorganized, last-minute (my fault) affair, all of YOU have come through so beautifully! I am so proud, and once again, touched by the love and care all of you have shown. I am especially grateful, because even though we are doing this in honor of Kim, it is going to benefit many others who will face the same trials that she has. They all need as much help as they can get.

So, once more, thank you all.

*We have to use a "special vocabulary" with Kim these days. In this picture, she's not wearing leggings, she's wearing "jeans". When she does yoga, she's really "working out" and going for a walk around the temple is "a hike." Just so you know. :) Don't worry, Kim- you'll be back to your rough, tough old self before you know it. Come on, you beat cancer! You can do anything!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Kidney Stone Fairy

(As told by Kim, typed by -Emily, with occasional comments from (Mom and Dad).)

Wait, did they know I had a kidney stone?
Did they know about Grandma's Funeral?
-Oh, nope...
Stop that!
-Okay, well, I'll tell them about that later. You just tell them about the Kidney Stone Fairy.
She came and saw me last night!
-They're going to need a few more details.
I had a kidney stone at my Grandma's funeral. Um. *Snicker* It was owie. It hurt. *sigh* *snickers again*
-They probably don't know about the fairy. Try that.
(Wow, this is really taking off, Kim)
Except for the BALD SPOTS.
(You guys are being Very Silly)
The fairy. Well, she comes when ever I have a kidney stone. She sneaks in my room when I am sleeping, and she leaves me a dollar! Yay, money!
(Don't forget the cats!)
-She's not quite as professional as the Tooth Fairy. Sometimes she is a bit late. But yes, how much money have you made so far, Kim?
Well, I should be up to about six bucks by now, but I think she's only managed to stop by for the last three.
-The first few were in the hospital. She gets lost in all those halls. Plus those mean old nurses took them before she could. Yeah, that's it.
Heh. It's very tragic. That money's going towards my college tuition! *sniff*
-Yes, well, I think that's enough for now. Thanks, Kimmy
Oh... you're welcome!
-Tell the nice folks 'bye, Kim.
Bye, Kim!

Bone Marrow Test

Yesterday Kim went to PCMC for her (knock on wood) very last bone marrow test. We should have the results in a couple of days, and since they are going to show that her blood is still clear (of course!) she will then be able to schedule the procedure to remove her central line. Yay! Just a couple more weeks and she'll practically be normal again! ("Normal" for Kim, that is. Heh.)

We'll let you know as soon as we get the results.

Coming soon: an update on the Relay for Life team. Thanks so much to all of you who have signed up or participated so far! It's going to be a great night.

Love, Emily

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Okay, we're home again. Kim has some new meds, anti-virals, and had some tests done. She has to go back for her visit and check up tomorrow, so we'll find out then if she has any infections going on.

On the drive home Kim was saying that it's sort of funny, but aside from Thanksgiving, she's been in the hospital for every holiday since she was diagnosed!

I hope all of you have had a chance to check out the Keep Running Kim Relay for Life Team webiste that I've set up. I really need people to register if they think they can come for even a little while, and any donations would be great. I'll will post a little more information soon. In the meantime, please check it out!

Team: Keep Running Kim
no special affiliation
*you do not have to pay money to register for the team. Just select the option that says your team captain has already set things up. Thanks guys!


Hi Everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Day.

Just wanted to let you know that Kim hasn't been feeling well, and since she went off of her antibiotic a couple of days ago, she's been having problems with her bedsore healing. She doesn't have a fever, but mom called PCMC today, and they think she needs to come down right away to be checked. We're leaving now, and I'll let you know later how it goes. Probably they'll just put her back on an antibiotic for a while. Party plans are being delayed.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Relay for Life: Team KIM!

Okay Everyone, BIG NEWS! I decided to go ahead and do it! I've created a team in honor of Kim for the upcoming Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society in our area.
It was a little late to be doing so. I was just planning on joining the committee team myself and running with them, but I've been thinking lately that I need to give all of you the opportunity to show up, and celebrate OUR victory together! (Don't worry, party plans are still in the making, but how could we pass this up as well?)

The event takes place April 23-24, from 5pm to 5am, at the Nelson Field House on USU Campus. There will be games, live entertainment, food, friends, family and more! It is open to the public, and t-shirts are available (though I think these need to be pre-ordered, and we might be a bit late for that. No promises.)

The night will start out with a special Survivors Lap. I have already registered Kim for this. If any of you know of other survivors who would like to participate, please let them know. I know it is going to be a very special thing.

The purpose of the whole event is to celebrate life, raise awareness and generate donations for the American Cancer Society... by keeping a runner (walker, jogger, etc) on the track throughout the whole 12 hour event. I am hoping to raise $200 as a team (though the website, if you follow the upcoming link, does say $1000, I’m setting my sights a little lower.) If any of you can make a donation, it is very easy to do so through the website, through our team name:


:) I thought you would like that. I considered calling it, "Kim Kept Running" or some such thing, but she still has a long way to go- the race isn't over yet!

Please pass this information along. I will gladly welcome as many team members as I can find. I don't know if I can make it the whole 12 hours on my own- once again, I need your help!

Here is the link:

Thank you all so much!

Love, Emily

Today's Update

Kim got results back from blood tests taken today (by Carol!) Her ANC is now at 600. Yay! She can start cutting back on antibiotics and can start thinking about getting out! However, her red blood cells and platelets are still low, so she is going up to Logan Regional for a transfusion in the morning. She will have another check up at PCMC on Monday.
She is still having some problems with cutting back on medication without freaking her body out. Fortunately today we figured out that one of her anti-nausea medications also works as an anti-anxiety. This manages to keep her calm, and she doesn't feel so sick. (Actually, it goes so far as to make her a little loopy! We've been having to keep an eye on her- she already stood up too fast once, and ran into the wall, and fell off of the couch, and hit her head on a table!)
I have one more piece of big news, which I am going to devote a whole new post to, so... here we go!